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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter fun

Easter happened to come the Sunday before our spring break. My kids were fortunate to get to do two egg hunts -- one at home and one with Grandma & Grandpa. However, the G&G hunt for the older kids got snowed out. Yes, look at what happened on Friday, the night we were going to do the Easter egg hunt:

Snow storm on Friday
And, just because you have to see the pictures together to appreciate Utah weather, here is two days later when my kids hunted for eggs:
Egg hunt two days later on Sunday!

Can you believe the difference? So crazy!

Anyway, the older kids' hunt was moved to the church. (I guess it comes in handy for my dad to have keys to his building. :) The kids had fun playing with cousins and finding some treats:

Then our family had our own egg hunt in the backyard. We found mini eggs at the store -- PERFECT! We can fill them up with candy and still not worry about them getting too much sugar. And boy are my kids cute to watch. :)

But the cutest by far was the egg hunt for the little guys. We did them separately so they weren't run over by the big kids. There was just a lot of cuteness in the backyard that night!
Lookin' good with his sunglasses ...
Yes, he was literally running from egg to egg!

The big kids helped point out the eggs to the little guys
James: Yes! I'm going to get one, even though I'm the littlest guy!

Austin: Hey, an egg! Thanks for pointing that out, James.
Snatched! Poor James ... he'll catch up with the others soon!
The three cute little guys!
Yes, they were all happy with the hunt!

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Rebecca said...

Hahaha--what a bunch of cuties!