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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's ... Gotcha!!!

My April Fool's trick this year had to be simple. I just wasn't feeling in the mood to do something difficult. I felt like it was my best chance to get everyone since April Fool's landed on a Sunday. That's the only day I ever make my family breakfast, so it wouldn't seem suspicious for me to make something. (If I let them go off to school before tricking them, then they're sure to be reminded about what day it is and less likely to fall for one of my food tricks ...)

Anyway, this was the simple trick -- Jell-o in a cup that looks like juice:

And did they fall for it? Sure enough! It helps that yesterday they drank too much juice and I got on their cases about it. So this morning I told them I poured the juice so they didn't get too much. I even got Becca, who has been harder to fool in the past. Phew! This is her last year living at home, and I got her. I can't say how happy I am about that.

Shayla came in first, and this was her reaction:
This is so hard to drink!
Mom! :)
Who cares as long as it's a yummy trick!
  Austin joined her shortly after, and I think he's still confused:

Next came the boys. I love the sequence of these photos:
Trying to drink this dumb juice!
Wait -- what day is it?

Oh, I get it!
"Zach -- It's April Fool's!"

Then Zachary -- Nothing is going to stop me from getting this Jell-o!

Lastly we got Becca:

Notice the reaction? Or rather the absolute lack of a reaction? She just tried to suck, then said, "Oh." And put it down. Classic teenager response/non-response.

Later I came in and found that Austin was loving the prank:

Later we took one to Grandma. She fell for it, much to the kids' surprise. Yes! A successful April Fool's Day!

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