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Monday, April 2, 2012

Kinder Derby

Against the wishes of probably every parent, Shayla's kindergarten had a kinder derby. They are to create a car in which they'll parade around the school. There was a short program at the beginning and then after the parents leave the kids go around and learn about American History and landmarks. Shayla was supposed to have a license plate from Texas. But Shayla wanted a train, and trains don't have license plates. However, everything is bigger in Texas, so her train was HUGE! (Okay, her Daddy didn't know about the Texas part -- he just had in his mind how to create the train and made it.)

I was really concerned that it would be way too heavy for her to parade around the school. But she LOVED it. I mean REALLY LOVED it. She was giddy. She sang and danced about her pink "Princess Power" train. (Yes, she did come up with the name of it by herself.) We used Grandma's cricut to cut out letters and flowers, and by the way Shayla went on and on about it, you would think it was Christmas. :)

She did great on her part in the program, and she LOVED walking around the halls with her train. In fact, the other kids came in the halls to watch, and Tyler's class was by me. His classmates thought hers was so cool, so Tyler had a bit of "brother pride" about his sister's train. It was cute.

Oh, to add to the fun, we gave her a whistle that sounds like a train horn. She walked around with her tiara while blowing the horn -- that is definitely Princess Power. What a cutie!


Jessica Joy said...

Oh my goodness... I love it!!!

Carol said...

Wow! This is adorable. Is it made of wood? Shayla looks so cute in the middle of it