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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Easter

My kids are literally steps in height. Glad I finally remembered to do this:

And I totally forgot to mention my kids' favorite part of Easter -- they got gifts this year! Generally we get them a chocolate bunny and that's it. (We're not into the whole Easter basket thing -- they get enough candy on the egg hunts, and we don't need to be buying presents ...) Anyway, this year they had pillow pet knock-offs for $5 at our grocery store, and my kids have been dying to get them. They love 'em (even though they got no chocolate bunny with it):

Then again, I'm not so sure it was a good idea to buy the cheapies, because I've already had to sew up three holes ... Oh well!


Rebecca said...

Your boys had better keep an eye on their puppies--they were Gavin's favorite! :)

the Rowleys said...

It looks like Zachary is getting taller that Tyler!