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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Becca's fun

Disneyland was a blast! But you'll have to wait for those pictures since I have thousands to go through to pick the best ones. I love pictures! :) And it looks like blogger has changed, so hopefully I'm doing this right! (It took me a little to figure out how to even post. Love it! :)

So for Becca's birthday she wanted to go to Trafalga. Unfortunately it was spring break and insanely crazy. If she hadn't invited several friends who were there I would have left. Oh well. Here she is climbing the wall and barely beating out her boyfriend ... although in fairness to him I will let you know he passed her right after the picture. :)

And the best part of her birthday was that Kyle asked her to prom. She was GIDDY! He wasn't going to ask her (his parents said they had to pick homecoming or prom, and Becca picked homecoming ... which, of course, she regretted later). But they decided to let him ask her, and he kept it secret until her birthday. He brought a dozen roses and a candy-bar poster to ask her. She said it was the best birthday she's ever had ...

Anyway, good thing we planned our Disneyland trip around prom! Here are pictures of the big day:

I only got one picture at promenade, because a girl ran right in front of me as I snapped the next one. Oh well. They thought about not even going to promenade, but the couple they were doubling with really wanted to. I think it ended up being fun for them. I saw all the beautiful dresses and wished we could afford a really nice one. But then again, I'm happy to have a daughter who is content with plain and simple (and cheap) and who is just excited to go, even if she's not dressed in the fanciest dress. She had a blast, and that's what matters the most. I can't believe her high school dance-dates are over. Graduation is this month and then her high school years are done. Next year I go back to having kids going only to elementary school (other than the one who won't live with us, of course). It will be so different!

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