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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Zachary's first time in our Bear Den was a special treat! The woman who does scouts with me and Paul is a police officer, and she arranged for a police dog to come!

This was officer Lawrenson (or something like that) and his dog Kilo:

The dog's name is Kilo, and the trainer showed us how excited Kilo gets to find his toy:

He explained to the boys that Kilo always thinks he's trying to find this toy because they dipped his toy in drugs to get him used to the smell. Now when he smells drugs, he goes and lays down and whimpers to get his handler's attention. The officer had hidden some drugs before we arrived and asked Kilo to find them. He was very quick:

Once Kilo has found drugs, the officer will then cover his eyes and make the toy "magically" appear. So Kilo keeps finding drugs so he can play with his toy that he loves so much.

The officer also brought Kilo's new bullet-proof vest and let the boys see how heavy it was:

Oh, and the boys loved having Sis. Martin come in uniform. We had mentioned it for weeks before, and yet some were still surprised that she is a police officer. Gotta love kids!

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