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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kindergarten graduation

Last week Shayla finished up kindergarten and had graduation on Friday. She was pleased as punch! (Where did that saying even come from -- how can punch be pleased? Must date back to Kool-aid commercials where the walking Kool-aid jug had a big smile. But I digress ...)

Anyway, they had a cute little program and did some fun and silly songs:

Shayla LOVED her teacher this year. She loved school so much she kept asking me to take her early, even if she beat the teacher there. Oh, and even when she had read her library books, she wouldn't return them because she didn't want to miss those five minutes of class. What a sweetheart! She took lots of pictures and drawings to her teacher. I wonder what a school teacher does with all of those? (Christina?) Maybe they're easier to toss when they're not your own kids drawing them.

Anyway, this is Miss Mellor, who spends more time than she should preparing to be a fantastic teacher:

Summer is going to be SO BORING for this poor girl! She loves to stay busy and always wants to be doing something. We already have a list of things that she can check for ideas when she gets bored. (We looked in an idea book for after-school activities, and it had a few she was really excited about, including washing windows. Yes! I hope she loves it! Other ideas the book had: whale watching or feeding zoo animals. Okay, like those are realistic after-school activities! Obviously I got the book on clearance. :)

Anyway, here I am with my sweetie:

I love my Shayla Bela!


the Rowleys said...

As for the pictures, some I have actually saved... but eventually most made their way to the recycle bin. But I have to say I am so glad that I took pictures of my classes and the kids doing various activities. It is fun to remember the kids and good times.

Melissa said...

So fun!! I can't believe she is all done with K!! First grade here she comes!!! You know I love tons of pictures! hehe