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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last of our Disney pictures

Ha! I guess I titled this post the last of our Disney pictures, but that's not true. We've got hundreds more where these came from ... but I'll refrain from posting them all.

First are some of the good ol' classical pictures you have to take:


This was a cool place in CA. Can you tell that it's a painting behind them? So cool!

One of the things our kids love (I guess now that we've done it twice it's tradition) is that when we're in California we get the kids a Slurpee every night. They LOVE it!

I mentioned Austin's monkey leash (I hope, anyway), and how he hated it at the beginning. However, by the second day this was what he thought of it:

My sweet Shayla dressed herself one day and was a little annoyed I wouldn't let her wear these socks with capris:

And the kids LOVE the beach! We totally got lost trying to find the coast. Yes, we found Newport Beach city just fine. So why couldn't we find the coast? It was sooooo frustrating! (I thought we were going to have to sedate Paul. :) Anyway, once we finally found the beach the kids had a blast! The water was a little cold, so Austin ran away once it touched his feet. But the kids loved playing in the sand. Fun, fun!

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Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, Shayla's hair looks awesome in that pic!