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Friday, May 25, 2012

High School Graduation

Yes, following the big kindergarten graduation we had high-school graduation. Shayla was quite upset that Paul took off the day for Becca's graduation and not for hers. Oops.

Let me backtrack slightly to Sunday when we had Seminary Graduation on Sunday. As Austin expressed his displeasure at having to spend a second hour in the same day in the chapel, I realized that we were basically the only people there with kids so young. I guess that's what happens when you're 7.5 years ahead of where you started out. :) Austin actually got fussy at the precisely right moment for Paul to step outside and see the eclipse. We were a little bummed that the seminary graduation was right at the pinnacle of the eclipse. Since there was a musical number right then, I let my kids step out with Paul to take a look. (After all, this own't happen for another 10 years!) Apparently a bunch of other people had the same idea. I missed it, but I'll live. :) Anyway, we had 16 seniors in our ward receive Seminary diplomas. I believe that's one of the main reasons we were lead to live where we did -- they have been a great group for Becca to grow up among.

Anyway, Becca was so excited and nervous to graduate from high school. And we're so excited and nervous to send her to college. We've been her parents for less than 8 years, so we're not really keen on the idea of sending her off to be on her own. But what do you do when they grow up?

Her graduation was at Utah Valley University. We got off the exit 40 minutes before her graduation and thought we'd made great time. But then it took us 20 minutes to get to the parking lot! I was sure glad my Mom had gone a lot earlier and saved us seats. (She got the second row right where Becca would walk after getting her diploma.)

The ceremony was long and boring. What graduation isn't? They had 7 or 8 speakers and 400 graduates. (Again, Austin would have much rather been napping than sitting in a boring graduation ...) At least Becca was toward the beginning since she's a B. (Rebecca, your Youngberg kids will have to wait forever! :) They had the kids pick up their diploma cases and then walk over and stop for their parents to take pictures. Guess who wouldn't stop for her Mom to get a picture? She didn't see anyone else stop, so she was too afraid she wasn't supposed to. I got her to look at me for a quick picture at least:

Caleb has always joked about taking an air horn to graduation to blow when your person's name is called. They had up signage not to blow air horns as to not interrupt the next name, but people did anyway. (Fortunately everyone kept it short so it didn't interrupt others' names being called.) My mom heard them and said, "We should have brought one!" My bro was prepared and pulled one out of the diaper bag. If anyone asks, it was baby James blowing it:

Caleb heard it and started pointing in our direction. He was so happy to graduate:

I didn't realize until we were already headed to graduation that we hadn't pre-set a place to meet up with Becca after graduation. Sigh -- that turned into a nightmare! She knew where we were sitting, so we waited there for 30 minutes before finally deciding she wasn't coming to us. We tried her cell phone repeatedly, but she hadn't charged it and the battery was dead. Paul wandered around trying to find her and couldn't. Finally she ran into my sister (who was looking for Caleb), and they called my Mom. Phew! That was so annoying! We finally met up after about 45 minutes of everyone calling and looking without luck.

The cousins were so happy to graduate together:

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Becca graduated with high honors -- I did not expect that. (Not that she's not smart enough -- she definitely is -- but because of what a struggle it was to get her to hand in her homework! :)
I always forget how short I am until I see pictures ... at least I'm in school colors. :)
Becca & family
While we were still trying to find Becca's boyfriend (who we have no pictures with at graduation since we never found him), Becca's Beehive advisers found her:
Sis. Arthur, Becca, Sis. Baird
They had no relatives graduating, but they decided they'd come see their nine favorite Beehives graduate. How awesome is that? (They're better than I am -- I won't even go to my own nieces' and nephews' graduations! :)

And since this blog is as much for family memories as for anyone else to read, I better include the picture we took of Becca and Kyle after he was finally found (after she had turned in her cap and gown):

After all, the day had more in store for Becca after graduation since it also happened to be the same day as her first kiss!!! Am I to discuss Becca's kissing on my blog? Too late. :) She and Kyle have been dating for more than a year and have been awesome about making sure they're not too physical. She had a goal to get to college before she got kissed. (In fact, I told her I'd give her $100 if she made it, and she almost did! :) Earlier this year she decided her goal was dumb, but Kyle had promised not to kiss her during this school year, so he didn't -- not even for prom. But now that the school year was over they went for it. Good thing she doesn't read my blog or she might kill me for sharing and embarrassing her. (Then again, things I think will embarrass her don't and things I think nothing of mortify her.)

Way to go, Becca! (On the graduation, not the kissing. But congrats on that, too? ;)


Jessica Brown said...

Yeah for graduation, college and first kisses!

the Rowleys said...

What a wonderful time. I can't beleive she is all grown up! What a wonderful Woman she is becoming. I especially liked the picture of the family with their graduate. :)

Lizzylou said...

Yay for Becca! She is such a great example! I wish I waited 'till after high school for my first kiss! What a great day for her! You are such a great Mom!

Rebecca said...

Love the picture of Becca and Caleb. :) I didn't plan out where to meet up with people at my graduation, either. I don't have a single picture with any of my best girl friends. :(

So crazy to think that Becca is moving away and starting college! So scary and exciting at the same time!

Rebecca said...

Also, I'm glad Dustin was prepared with an air horn. :)

Melissa said...

You have done a great job the last 7 years of preparing her for college and her future!!! Congrats to Becca on the graduation and her first kiss!! I can't believe she made it so long good for her!!

Carol said...

How wonderful that you graduated with High Honors! You may want to do some checking with Utah State to see if they offer scholarships just for that. It was that way 40 years ago, but I don't know if that is still the case. Additionally, some universities (like BYU) offer scholarships every year for those who maintain their grades. (Ask Christina--that is what she did).