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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zachary, my boy

I rushed back from the zoo as quickly as possible (well, Leslie was driving so I guess she drove as quickly as possible) to get to the Mother's Day program in Zachary's classroom. They did a great job with all of their songs and speaking parts, and Zach drew a great picture of me:

This year he also did his first Hershey Track Meet. It was so hot! (And I wasn't even the one participating.) It had been scheduled for a few weeks ago but ended up getting rained out. That day ended up being much nicer than this one. But he did a great job anyway in the 200, the 100 and the standing long jump:

Zachary is a little smarty-pants. This year he took second in the 3rd-grade chess club and came home with a certificate today honoring him for this. Tyler and Zachary love chess, and they're teaching Shayla to play. I haven't played since 5th grade, so I guess it's time for me to brush up on the rules so I can play with them, too!

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