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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Egg drop

This is the last catch-up post ... for now, anyway. The last day of school before we left for Disneyland was the kindergarten egg drop. Shayla and I had bought cute duct tape earlier in the week, and she was thrilled to use it to package up her egg. We just surrounded her egg with styrofoam. (That worked for both Tyler's and Zachary's eggs, so why not? :)

Then she insisted it have a parachute, so we added that at the last minute. Here she is showing off her container:

I guess I never said what they do once they have the egg all ready to be dropped. The custodian at the school takes all of the containers and drops them off the roof of the school. They then take them back and see which containers protected the raw egg. I've had some teachers chart broken vs. unbroken eggs, etc. It is so interesting to see people's ideas. One this year packaged his on peanut butter, which splattered all over the asphalt below. One in Tyler's grade put it in the middle of jell-o, which was also all over the asphalt. (This reminds me that I was thinking we should make cookies for the custodian who has to clean it all up! :)

Anyway, here is Shayla's after being dropped:
Hey, that parachute is working more than I ever imagined it would ...

And here is her teacher pulling out her egg to find out if it's broken:

That's right -- the Brown kids are 3 for 3 in unbroken eggs. Happy day! :)

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