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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Light sabers, Mickey ears and shirts -- oh, my!

Last time we went to Disneyland I got shirts from the clearance of the Disney store online to take with us on the trip. As long as you give the shirts to the kids in California they think they're Disneyland shirts. :) However, this time I didn't prepare far enough ahead and figured we'd just skip shirts this year. The boys had their Star Wars shirts, and Shayla had several princess shirts in her stash. Then I went to Walmart and found all of these for $7 ($8 for Paul's) and couldn't resist:
Of course, they didn't have my size, but that's just fine. My family looked great in their matching Mickey attire. :)

One of the best things we've ever done with our trip to Disneyland was to prepare our kids about souvenirs. We let them know that we would buy them one pair of Mickey ears, and that was it. The end. Nothing else. Don't even ask. And remarkably they didn't!! I was amazed both times we've gone to find that they really got it, because there's a lot of cool stuff there that a kid could ask for! :)

So, the kids worked hard to each earn $10 before we left. Then they were pleasantly surprised that Grandma Palmer came through and gave them each another $10 to spend on vacation. They were thrilled! The boys knew before we even left that they were going to spend their money on building their own light sabers.
Zachary had planned to build a dual light saber (like Darth Maul's), but then only one side of it would light up. I happen to agree that's pretty dumb. So he settled on a single light saber, as you can see.

Shayla perused around for a very short time before settling on this case -- it has pens, paper, a ruler, colored pencils and markers. For $20 you'd think they'd sharpen the colored pencils for you! But she diligently sharpened them one by one (which took her two full nights and a little help from Zachary!). But she loves it, and that's what counts, right?

Zachary got some cute cars with the Toy Story characters (one with Buzz, one with Woody and one with the green aliens), and Becca got a cute Minnie mug and an indestructible water bottle.

And here are the ears we each got. I was sad to find out that you now have to pay for your name to be embroidered. Sigh.
Pretend my face is clean. :)
I had to show you the back of her hat AND her shirt! :)
We're trying to convince Becca to wear this to graduation;
I don't think she's brave enough.

This time Paul couldn't find a pair of ears he liked, so he skipped them. We were all bummed that they were out of the R2-D2 Mickey ears. Maybe next time ...


Leslie said...

Aw you all are so cute with your ears and shirts. My boys did the same thing with the light sabers... They wanted the dual one but we went with the single since only one side had a light.

Melissa said...

I love how each pair of ears is perfect for each person!!! You and your super buying skills are awesome! Love the shirts too!