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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pinewood Derby

So I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but our Disneyland trip made us miss the Pinewood Derby. I was so sad! A little boy has three shots at the Derby, and our vacation made my boys miss one of these shots, including Tyler's last year in cub scouts. Mind you, they were okay with it, especially since we could still enter cars to be run.

So they designed their cars. Tyler got some tips from his friend Jackson, who has a whole book about tips and tricks to winning the Pinewood Derby. Paul was crazy, crazy busy with school right before we left, so he spent probably about 15 minutes total on each car. (Fortunately we found weights that you just stick on the bottom and already have adhesive. Where has this been?! Every year Paul drills to add weight, and this was about a zillion times easier. Phew!) The boys finished off the painting designs and this is what we ended up with:

Since we weren't going to be there we asked a family in our ward if they would help with the cars. We asked their daughter to run Tyler's car, and their son to run Zachary's car. We knew that Tyler would win the fastest car in the Webelos den, so we were happy about that. (There is only one other boy in Webelos, and since his brother got married that day he didn't even enter a car.) As we were driving home from California, we got a text saying our boys' cars had done great:

Tyler won fastest car in the Webelos den, the second-fastest car in the whole pack, and Best Silver Speedster.

Zachary win Best Blue and Gold Scout Racer:

They were thrilled, even though they hadn't been there to see them race. Look at these happy faces!

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