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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby!

The last two years have flown by with our sweet, sweet baby Austin! He is such a joy to our family. A little tease, yes, but definitely the most laid-back, easy-going baby one could ever imagine. We sure love our little Aussie and had a fun day celebrating his birthday.

With it being Sunday we had church first thing in the morning, and then he naps right after church. I had a couple of meetings after church (one for each calling), so I was a little worried about finishing the cake. (Yes, a prepared mom would have done it on Saturday. I felt accomplished having it baked on Saturday night.) Then we had some frosting problems, but needless to say, I was happy with the results anyway. And, as you can see, so was Austin. This was his first time to see the cake:

Little side note: When Paul went to get him out of the crib he had taken off his socks and put them on his hands. He thought it was so hilarious he wouldn't take them off:

Yes! He loves his Mickey Mouse:

At first (before food in the tummy) he wasn't too happy about opening gifts. But once he got some food/milk in this tum-tum, he was soooo happy:
Austin, meet Mickey ...

Elephant, poofy dog and frog

To much cuteness!

Yup, having my own Mickey is a-okay!

Beanie babies are fun!
Then came blowing out candles. He wasn't so hip on it until we lit them for the third time. Then he got into the blowing:

Happy, happy birthday Austin! We sure do love you!!!


Melissa said...

Oh my, I can't believe he is two!!!! He is so stinkn' cute!!! Happy Birthday Austin!!!!

Jana Nielsen said...

How cute! I love the socks on his hands and the cake looks great!

Carol said...

Wow that is some cake, Denise--and last minute too? The socks on his hands are a precious touch. I remember his taking off socks during Zachary's baptism and putting them in his mouth--have pictures. It's adorable too!