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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life Reminders

Last month Zachary was walking home from school when another kid started pestering/bullying another. Zachary stepped in to help the kid and told the bully to back off. The bully didn't like his interference and therefore picked up a rock the size of a small apple and aimed it at Zachary's head. Fortunately my little sweetie was wearing his glasses or he could have been severely hurt and had eye damage. As it was, his glasses (which were one week beyond being under warranty -- grrr!) were VERY bent and chipped. Zachary was very upset about his glasses, but I was so pleased with him for standing up for someone who wasn't as big or strong as my not-so-little guy.
REMINDER: I have great kids! I don't need to worry so much about dirty socks and underwear on the floor or not having a clean house most of the time. I need to remember to praise them more and let them know that they are true gifts in my life. 

A couple of weeks ago Shayla had an accident that was severe enough to need medical attention. We debated back and forth about taking her in and finally felt like we needed to have her seen. What a blessing it is that we did! While the doctor checked her, he found another serious condition that needs immediate treatment. Had we not found it, it would have lowered her quality of life in many ways and possibly lead to cancer. What a blessing for her to have this accident, even though there was much pain involved.
REMINDER: The Lord works in mysterious ways. He will inspire is as needed, so listen up! And health is oh, so valuable. Cherish it!

Several months ago our dear friend Scotty was riding his bike home from work when he was hit by a car from behind. The force of him hitting the pavement broke his neck, and he was rushed to the hospital. He was blessed beyond measure that even though he broke vertebra in both the front and the back he is able to walk. (This is highly unusual.) I have thought much about his recovery and the strength it has taken for him and his wife to overcome this trial ... which they are obviously still doing. They're both amazing and have more strength than they ever realized. It was so shocking to hear of his accident, but glorious to know that eventually he will be restored to health.
REMINDER: Life is valuable -- appreciate every moment of it, because it can end or change dramatically at any moment.

Very shortly after Scotty's accident there was a train accident here in town that took the lives of three teenage girls and shocked the community (and beyond). Two were nieces of a neighbor, and he was one of the first on the scene after the horrible accident. He saw them moments before the accident and then the next time he came by happened upon the scene. Just like that, they were gone. The other girl was the daughter of a woman I worked with for years on the PTA, and whose son I coached in soccer. (She also happens to be a niece of a different neighbor.) The community mourned heavily for this devastating loss. Although it has been months, many of us still think often of those girls, whether we knew them or not. The mom of one of them spoke in our stake conference (church meeting) last week about eternal families and how grateful she is to know that she will see her daughter again. She has been so blessed with this knowledge!
REMINDER: Families are forever. We are so blessed to have this knowledge and to have the sealing power of the priesthood on the earth. I know that no matter what, my husband and kids are mine forever.

Tonight I found out that my cousin Jennifer has been given six weeks or less to live. She has fought a long, hard, valiant battle with type 3B cervical cancer. Mind you, we have been so grateful she has been able to fight this long since we were told two years ago that she wasn't expected to make it to Thanksgiving. And although we have known she has a short time left throughout her battle, it is still quite shocking considering she is exactly my age. She is so young to die. Her children are so young to lose their mother. Jennifer made it to her daughter's baptism a few months ago, which initially seemed like it would be impossible. I believe it was one of those tender mercies.
REMINDER: The Lord is at the helm of our lives. Live each day with His help, because you never know when He'll want to call you home.

All of these recent events have got me thinking even more than usual about how precious life is. Each and every moment is a blessing from our Heavenly Father. It is easy to forget that when your children are screaming, fighting or just plain ol' ornery! However, I know I would even miss those moments if they were taken from me. Of course, this is not always to remember when "those" moments are happening! But I hope more and more I can cherish and make the most of each day with my wonderful husband and kids.

We are already at the point where we'll say goodbye to Becca in a few months when she heads off to college. As a mother of only 10.5 years and a mother to Becca for only 7 years, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to send her off to college. But I guess that's the way it works. Fortunately, though, in this case she'll just be leaving the cocoon and learning to spread her wings ... and I'm sure she will fly home often for plenty of visits. :)


Rebecca said...

Love it! Now if I can just keep these things in mind on hard days, I'll be set! Why is it so hard to feel gratitude when things are rough? I know that sounds like a silly thing to ask, but if we keep a good perspective, then it really shouldn't be so hard.

the Rowleys said...

Thank you for this post.