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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We had a cub scout magic show at our house, and it was a big hit! Each of my cubs prepared a magic trick (fortunately we found some good, easy ones) and they put on a show for their families. I also arranged for a boy in our ward (Mick) to come do his magic -- he performs at shows in SLC and agreed to come show the kids some tricks. He did GREAT! I told him that as long as I'm in cub scouts I'm calling him once a year to come do this for our magic show. (He may or may not be safe as I've been in cub scouts for more than six years straight now ... :)

Anyway, Mick was great at involving the kids and shocking us all. I know it's all about illusion, but magicians still get me every time!

I love the shocked look on the faces of kids when they saw Mick's tricks. Of course, my face probably looked much the same ... :)

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Leslie said...

Mick is great! Thats awesome!