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Friday, March 16, 2012

Becca's art show

Becca had her Senior art show Wednesday night, and it was a wonderful success! The show was from 7 to 8:30, and throughout that entire span she had people visiting the show. I was worried very few people would come (family and very few friends), but it turned out that more than 50 people shared in her evening. I felt so blessed to have such wonderful family (one of my sisters drove 40 minutes to get there) and friends support her in this. (Five of her current and former Young Women church leaders came as well -- how awesome is that?!)

This is the art she had displayed for everyone to see:

She has been an intern for the art teacher at our elementary school, so she taught them how to do this technique that she likes to do. She then included their artwork in the show by putting it on the exterior of the booth and one of the walls inside:

Now that this stress is over she can concentrate on the next steps of getting her drivers' license (she's oh, so close!) and starting her first real job (she starts tonight!). Good job, Becca!


the Rowleys said...

How exciting! So was the the entire show her's or were there other High School students displaying their art?

Denise said...

The show was all hers ... except the elementary ones, of course. :)

Jennifer said...

What a great turnout for her. Let her know we are proud of her. What job is she starting?

Rebecca said...

So glad Becca did this--it's always great to see how many people love and support you and are willing to show it.

Carol said...

Way to go Becca!

Jana Nielsen said...

Beautifull! Becca put together some great art!