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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love this girl!

"There is just something about little girls." My mom said this to me when we were expecting Shayla, and now that I have a little girl I couldn't agree more. I love my three little boys to pieces, but my little girl and I seem to have a connection that just makes my heart happy. Maybe part of it is that she's the only little girl. Or that she shares my same love language and serves me in little, adorable ways (like opening my door for me while I'm buckling Austin's seat belt or refilling my water cup at dinner in a "magical" way when I'm not looking). Or that she has had me more to herself than my little boys did since they were less than two years apart. I don't even care what it is, I'm just glad I have a little girl. No wonder -- look at how adorable she is:

Cowgirl day at school -- think it's time for a new hat?
Shayla the cowgirl
I don't remember why I promised her we'd bake a cake, but she wasn't happy when I made a bundt cake instead of a normal cake. But she made the most of it and put on hearts (the red frosting), oranges and blackberries (like the recipe's picture had) and American flags (???).

And I've said a million times and I"ll say a million more that there is nothing as cute as a little girl who loves to dance:

We sure love our Shayla Bela!


Leslie said...

I had a dream the other night that you were pregnant and you told me that you were going to have a girl. You were crying because you were so happy.
Shayla is such a cutie! You cant help but love her!

Rebecca said...

No, it definitely isn't time for a new hat--that's how you know she's a real cowgirl; it's broken-in!