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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here comes trouble!

One day it was so nice and quiet. Actually, a little too nice and quiet. I knew it. So I investigated. And this is what I found:

Oh, my! We might be back to the days of fearing showers since I never know what I'll find when I'm out. I'm imagining Austin alone won't be nearly as bad as Tyler and Zachary were together, but it reminded me that I have a fun time ahead of me.

So what did Austin do when he was discovered? Well, first he did this:

Then he grabbed two handfuls of powdered sugar/baking soda and did this:

Little stinker! :)


Rebecca said...

I've been a slacker at keeping up with blogs lately, but I'm so glad I saw this--this is totally hilarious! (Only because I'm not the one who had to clean it up. :) Yep, I think you're in for big trouble.

Melissa said...

hahahahaha!! Gotta love boys!!