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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shoe Woes

Last month Tyler complained about his shoes. Turns out playing basketball with shoes as smooth as butter on the bottom isn't so great ... especially when they call you for traveling when you didn't mean to. I had thought his shoes were okay, but the tread was gone. Zachary's on the other hand, well, I knew they were needing to be replaced:
I'm not even sure you can see in the picture how bad they were. They are completely open between the "fire" on the toe and the rest of the shoe. So any time it rains or snows, he gets the whole top of his feet wet. Yes, the top. What worried me most was those wires hanging out. (Yes, the little red and white lines there are wires.) Not only did the shoes no longer light up after getting wet, but I started to wonder if there were safety concerns. Besides, Zachary doesn't like wires getting caught in his socks.

I sought recommendations on good boys' shoes. Of course, all of the recommendations I got are a bit more expensive. I decided we'd just run to Kmart for now and get Tyler some new shoes to end the basketball season with. That was 38 days ago. Here are Zachary's new shoes today:
REALLY?!? The irony of the whole thing is that the shoe brand is "Everlast." If only ...


Rebecca said...

Holy cow--wires sticking out?! Yeah, I can see why you were a bit concerned! Man, I had no idea shoes could wear out so quickly!

Jessica Brown said...

Two words! Addidas Samba. Best, longest lasting $50 you'll ever spend - less if you find them on ebay.

Denise said...

My brother said Adidas Sambas, too. I'm totally checking them out and getting him new shoes today! (We just have to make sure he tries them on since he has kind of fat feet. :)