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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a new day

Well, the elections are over. Do I hear a big sigh of relief everywhere? I am wondering what kinds of commercials the networks will play when there aren't so many political ads everywhere. (Fortunately I don't think we saw the worst of them since we aren't a battleground state.)

I wonder how much of this election boiled down to marketing. I think a lot of it did -- Obama spent millions more than McCain and had a flawless campaign. McCain spent less money, and his campaign seemed to never find a groove after announcing Palin (which, by the way, would have led me to fire the campaign manager a while ago). Makes me wonder what would have happened if they spent equal money. No matter what, they both spent WAY too much!

I also wonder what would have happened if we truly had unbiased media. I cracked up watching a few Saturday Night Live skits Monday night, because they had several skits about how Obama-loving the media was. I knew I believed that, but when it's so bad SNL is making skits about it, that's bad. They had one skit where the media were asking him questions during a so-called debate, and the questions consisted of, "Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?" and "I know I've been a little over the top stalking you, so my question is this: Are you mad at me?" It was definitely funny to watch.

The election didn't turn out like I had hoped, but I'm also hoping that Obama's campaign promises aren't anything he can make happen. Government health insurance? That sounds like the biggest mess I've ever had to endure. I can't even get a government office to help me get child support. I don't want to have my life care entrusted to them! And as for giving everyone a little stimulus check regardless of income, well, I'm definitely not game. We've got family members living off the government without doing a SINGLE thing, and I don't think they need any more of my hard-earned tax dollars. Oh, and how is more debt going to help the economy? That's what part of the problem is in the first place. Craziness. I just hope Obama's election isn't like sub-prime loans -- people didn't care about the risks, and look what they got.

On the other hand, it is exciting to realize that the first black man has been elected to the presidency. I wish so many hadn't voted for him for that reason alone, but it is a very historic day. I'm glad I am old enough to remember it and be involved with it. I wish he had been someone I really wanted in the White House so I could say that I did vote for the first black president. Maybe the next one ... or maybe the first woman ... or maybe the first black/Asian/latino woman ... :)

I am so happy that Prop 8 in California passed. Hooray for traditional marriage between a man and a woman. That is the way God intended us to live, and His plan is one designed to create happiness for His children. I think if homosexual marriage were to be allowed in California, other states would follow. Also, if homosexuals are allowed to marry, then other implications would follow -- marriages between relatives (brother/sister), marriages to minors, marriages to animals? As it is, many companies and the state of California grant benefits to homosexual couples, so they're not losing anything by losing this proposition.

In any case, we woke up to snow. Does that mean h-e-double-hockey-sticks is freezing over? ;) It's very weird snow -- it's all in little balls like someone broke up a lot of styrofoam, which makes me wonder if the heavens were nervous about this election, too. ;)

In any case, the snow makes Becca happy -- she has been so looking forward to it for a while. About a week ago she said, "I can't wait for it to snow!" We wondered why since she has to stand outside to wait for the bus. She said, "Because it's warmer when it snows." Huh? Paul informed her that it only seemed warmer because she actually put on a coat or jacket. (Other days she puts her arms through a hoodie but doesn't put it on so she doesn't mess up her hair.) She then went on to explain that the snow blocks the wind, so it's not as cold waiting for the bus in snow as it is without snow. I think if that were the case, Spanish Fork citizens would have created fake snow long before now just to get rid of the wind!!! Okay, don't know where teens come up with these bizarre and random ideas, but whatever! She got her wish, and she probably won't realize it's colder until next spring when her brain unfreezes from the snow!

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