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Monday, November 10, 2008

Paul's jokes

I'm glad to say that I married a man with a great sense of humor. He enjoys a good laugh and can tell some pretty funny jokes. In the beginning I thought his jokes were mostly funny because HE thought they were funny, even though they weren't. However, either his sense of humor is getting better (my bet) or I've just been with him long enough to be manipulated into thinking he's funny.

I still don't get his geek jokes and tell him to wait until Scotty comes over. I think after working at DirectPointe and realizing how much more his jokes were appreciated there, he decided to keep the geek jokes for the geeks. (I think I solidified this when he showed me some ad that he couldn't believe. They were advertising something like a video card, but the picture in the ad was a sound card or something. Can you believe the absurdity of it all? When he showed me I was waiting for the punch line. He had to explain what was so funny since I have no idea what different computer parts look like. Later he showed Scotty, who immediately started laughing and realized the ad company's mistake. Oh, to have geeky friends ...)

In any case, I usually don't write down Paul's jokes or one-liners, but I figured today I'd share a non-geeky funny with you. On Saturday Marilee mentioned that at Ricks College they wouldn't let you wear shorts, even if they were knee-length shorts. Paul said, "So Ricks was Anti-Nehi Levi?" Funny one, Paul. :)


Dashley said...

That was a good line Paul! That reminds me of Lee- clever guys. I could sit around all day trying to think of clever things to say and still not come up with any. The best I can do is when reflecting on a conversation I sometimes think of better things to say but by then of course it is too late. So, being clever is truely a gift. :)

Dashley said...

p.s. being a nerd isn't bad either. :)

Hilary said...

That is good, Paul! Thanks for the laugh!