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Friday, November 21, 2008

My little turkey ...

... shouldn't act so much like a turkey right before Thanksgiving!

Yes, little Shayla caused a little trouble this week. Mind you, she's usually pretty good about staying out of stuff -- not nearly as destructive as my boys were. However, this week she outdid herself.

I have a playpen at my mom's house that we just keep up in her exercise room. This room also doubles as the food-storage room and a little storage space for my brother. He has all kinds of books in there and a dresser full of Pez dispensers (he's been collecting for years).

So, when I went to get Shayla from napping this week, I noticed right away that one of the dresser drawers was open. Uh-oh. None of us ever thought she could get it open from the angle she was at and since it is a heavy drawer. But she did. She had in the playpen with her several Pez dispensers.

Then I saw the wrapper on the floor. I called to my brother and said, "Uh, oh Dustin -- you better come here." He looked and saw what Pez she had. Murphy's law or what?!? She opened his most valuable Pez -- an UNopened Donald Duck Pez dispenser from the 1940s!!! It's not even one we can replace, because nowhere online can we find an UNopened Donald Duck Pez dispenser that old. Sigh.

The only thing that saved her ...

... is that she's so stinkin' cute!!!

Poor Dustin took it very well and knows that Shayla doesn't know any better. We did all get a kick that she ate the 1940s candy ...

So now we've got to figure out what to do -- just pay him for how much he spent for it? Just trust him that it really is okay? Get a different, but also cool and valuable Pez dispenser?

You've gotta love these sticky situations our children create!

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