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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Special Day

Do you all realize what today is? It's a special day that I look forward to every year. No, not the election -- we already voted via absentee ballot. No, what I'm talking about is our anniversary. As of today, Paul and I have been married for eight LOOOOONG years. I don't mean that in a negative way, just that it really does seem like we've been together for so much longer than 8 years.

Does anyone else's hubby have listening problems? Maybe I ought not open the floodgates here. Anyway, we agreed when we bought the camera that it would serve as our anniversary and Christmas gifts to each other. Then last week I reminded him when we discussed anniversary plans, and I said all I want from him is a nice card. Not a card that is nice, but a card with a nice message written by Paul inside. Apparently he couldn't think of anything nice to say to me, so he got me gifts instead. ;)

So, this morning Paul gave me my gifts while I sat there reminding him that we agreed not to give gifts. This would be different if he actually remembered those conversations and decided to buy me gifts anyway, but he had totally spaced any of these discussions. Therefore, I felt bad for not buying him any gifts when he had forgotten that we weren't going to. Oops. What a way to start the day!

We spent our 7th anniversary in the car on a road trip. I'd put that down as our second worst anniversary. This year I get to do laundry all day and then one of us gets to escort Becca to her Young Women's Excellence Program at church. Who knows, that may put this one into 3rd place. :) I think if you had asked us 8 years ago what we'd be doing for our eighth anniversary, this is not what we would have said!!!

So, Paul, since I didn't give you a gift this morning, I've posted here a poem in your honor:

When we first met, the sparks didn’t fly
But that sure changed as time hurried by
The K-9 was full of singles and fun,
But I still didn’t think it’s where I’d find “the one”

Our first little fling was only a fake,
But our friendship was easy – a piece of cake
And then our friendship grew into something more
Which surprised both of us right down to the core

Our y2k wedding was such a wonderful day
You make me sick in your own sort of way
We’ve had seven good years in our life together
I hope each year continues to get better and better

I love you even when I don’t fold your clothes right
I love you even when you keep me up at night
I love that you make cute kids and bad jokes
I love you immensely, and that’s no hoax

I love you for going to work so I can stay home
I love you more than I hate that dumb gnome
I love the fun we have watching our shows
I love you, Geek, right down to your nose

I love that you’re smart in places I’m not
I’ll love you no matter what president we’ve got
I love that you love me and hope you already knew
That my life would not be complete without you

** Disclaimer: Paul is a better poet than I, although he seems to have left that quality in the dust with his old girlfriends. ;) Happy Anniversary, honey, I love you!


Lizzylou said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Congrats. on your successful marriage. I love the poem. I laughed because it is so true how many of our guys great talents get forgotten after the vows. Gotta love 'em!

the Rowleys said...

Happy Anniversary! You can always plan a weekend getaway for your celebration, right? :)

Hilary said...

Denise, that's great! I loved the poem! I can't believe that you're a poet, and I didn't know it... Very impressive. Didn't I find out I was pregnant and tell you about just before your reception at Paul's parents? That's a thought I always have when I think of your wedding. Happy Belated Anniversary!