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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clearance fun ...

I generally don't think to go check post-holiday clearance items, but this year after Halloween I happened to be in Walmart twice the week after Halloween. Apparently they way over-purchased for Halloween, because there were hundreds of costumes left. In any case, they got down to 95 percent off the last day I saw. Most of the stuff I bought was for 75 percent off, which means I got a few costumes for our stash for under $6 each. I also got several new wigs (always fun for crazy hair day!) for just a couple of dollars each.

In any case, here are my kids trying on some of the new goods. Shayla was very happy to get a new princess dress. This one happens to be HSM3 dress, but she has never seen or cared about HSM. As long as it's pretty and dressy, it's a princess dress:

Most of the women's costumes left were VERY short! However, I did find this one for Becca, which I figured she'd enjoy wearing next year. Even if she doesn't she'll now have her own costume for Shakespeare competition should she decide to do that again:

I always figured I'd have a blonde daughter. So far I've got brunette and red! But if I had a blonde daughter, maybe she'd look something like this:

Then again, probably not. Seems we don't generally have quite that much hair, which makes the next two pictures especially funny. (My kids can expect to never grow this much hair -- even combined -- throughout their lives!)



The wig Tyler is wearing is actually a very good match for Shayla's color. Let's just hope she doesn't ever decide to wear it that big. But I don't think she will, because big hair turned out to be quite a pain:


Bruce & Sylvia said...

Hilarious. The boys are great with big hair. Rebecca will love it. Becca is set for Shakespere.

Melissa Basua said...

So SO funny! I love clearance shopping! I love Zachary with his wig! Classic! And Shayla? What a doll!