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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's no joke ...

... our baby boy is due on April Fool's!

He is currently 7 inches long and 11 oz. Crazy they can see so much info when they're so small!

I was thinking a sonogram on Friday the 13th would be perfect for a baby due on April Fool's, but they wouldn't let me schedule it then because they wanted to make sure genetic counselors were available since I'm so old! Huh?!? Apparently I've crossed the age line, so now there's a lot more concern -- for them, not for me. :) I refused the genetic counseling, which gave them a mini stroke, but they recovered and got to the ultrasound. We could obviously see he is a boy -- I could tell before they even told me. That's a first. :)

Now for naming a boy. They're tough, and Paul doesn't like a thing! I'm going to go crazy until we have chosen a name. I'll let you know when we do!


Bruce & Sylvia said...

yeah! my 3rd grandchild born within 6 months. How fun (except I will be gone). And a couple of my other kids are in trouble for keeping secrets from their mom.

Lizzylou said...

Wow, congratulation!!!! I am happy for you. You look great. You are only a little more than a month behind me, and I'm getting huge. I bet your family is excited!

Jessica said...

Congratulations. Wonderful news!

Leslie said...

awwwwwwwwww a boy!! Im so excited for you!!! You do look good!! Have you been sick?

christibeth said...

I wondered if those were hints!! But I learned my lesson on opening my big mouth a long time ago... :):) Congratulations again! I LOVE that you had the ultrasound for an April Fools baby on Friday the 13th. Classic.

Melissa said...

I'll tell you my favorite boy names, which I recently also passed along to a good friend from our last ward who is having her third boy and searching for a name:

As you know, I love long formal names that can be shortened to cute nicknames.

These have all received the Robbie-veto so we would never use them (not that it matters!!)

Benjamin (Ben, Benny) I love that name. Great scriptural meaning.



Nicholas (love the long version)


Zachary (You and I have similar taste!!) Already taken! - Again, love the long version)

Kind of funky names I like (these change all of the time):
- Grayson
- Wyatt
- Gage
- Hunter
- Chase



Theresa C said...

Congrats Denise! That is very exciting news!

Sherry said...

That is so cool you have a baby boy coming!!! So guess what, so do I! Our little baby boy is due March 4. We are only a month apart, who would have thought after waiting so long to have number four, you and I would have the same timing, AGAIN. Funny, Funny. Happy pregnancy!

Jana Nielsen said...

Congratulations! Another probable April birthday. Maybe he'll be born in March so you'll have less of a crowd of April B-days. That's exciting! How do the kids feel abaout it? Are they excited?

Dashley said...

Congratulations! And yes I picked up on the hints but didn't want to ask you- haha! Hooray for babies!

Carol said...

Congratulations!!! I had heard through the grapevine that you guys were expecting, and have to admit that I had mentioned to Steve just a month or so ago that you might be (grandmotherly inspiration). I may have to make my way down for this adorable baby's Blessing. I can say that because you two do have awfully cute children and well--I am a grandma!