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Monday, November 23, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

I can't believe Thanksgiving is already this week! I love Thanksgiving, so this should be a fun week. Not only do we think of our blessings, but we get to spend more time together as a family. I love that! We're doing Thanksgiving dinner alone this year, but we are getting together with my sister later to scrapbook. Sorry, mom, that you'll miss it. Somehow I don't think you'll mind since you'll have Rebecca and Dustin visiting ...

I started my diabetic diet on Friday. I don't think the nurse had much confidence in my ability to stick to the diet, because she said to let her know if I am consistently over 150. Mind you, the numbers are lowered each pregnancy. When I was pregnant w/the boys, I had to stay under 200, and with Shayla it was under 160. Now it's down to 120! However, so far I've been mostly doing it. I've been a few numbers over here and there, but I've never been over 125, and I'm impressed with myself. We'll see how well I do as the holidays ensue (we are making sugar cookies Wednesday). She said I will almost probably have to take medication this pregnancy. I will try hard to prove her wrong. :)

Speaking of healthy eating, my fitness challenge is over! I didn't win, but I lost 5 pounds in spite of ending the challenge nearly 22 weeks pregnant. I don't think that's so bad, especially since I did really bad a couple of stressful weeks. In any case, a new challenge with a few different rules will start Jan. 4, so please join me on my quest to get healthy! (You can see details at http://minus200club.blogspot.com/2009/11/new-challenge-new-rules.html)

By the way, I'm finally starting to feel pregnant. Is that just psychological now that everyone knows I'm pregnant? I started to feel the baby move VERY early this pregnancy (just over 11 weeks), and yesterday Paul felt him kick for the first time. I can't wait until he's moving around a lot more regularly so the kids can feel. Mind you, one of my boys was very concerned and asked why the baby kept kicking me. Obviously we're not supposed to kick! It was cute.

Speaking of baby, I had a horrible dream last night that we left him home alone all day one day when we were busy. It was horrible! We put him in his car seat on the table and just left a bottle propped up to eat when he wanted. Yes, a newborn! I woke up feeling horrible. I mentioned it to Paul, who can't miss the opportunity for a joke. He said, "Now why would we do that? We wouldn't leave him in his seat -- we'd leave him in the crib!" Thanks, mister!

Shayla is finally officially potty trained! She only had 1 accident the whole time we were trying, but she'd hold it waaaaaaaaay too long! Now she's taking pride in going herself and she goes when she needs to. She also is dry already at nights, so we're totally and completely done with pull-ups. Hooray!!!

The funniest thing of the week happened yesterday while we were preparing dinner. Shayla came into the kitchen FREAKED OUT! I couldn't even tell what she was so upset about, but fortunately Paul could. She got new princess socks last week, and when she took one off it was inside out. Right before dinner she saw it again and saw it inside out and thought the sock was totally broken. (You know how they have all the threads and such on the inside? Apparently she hadn't learned that yet.) She came in VERY upset and crying and holding it out saying, "My princess sock broken!!!" Mind you, with her speech it was more like, "Frincess sock froken!!" Luckily daddy understood and we showed her that once right side out the sock was perfectly fine. Phew! That was close ... (I don't know why she likes that F so much. Yesterday she kept saying Grandma and Frampa. :)

And since I may not post again before Thanksgiving I thought I'd mention a few things I'm thankful for! I am so grateful for my family and the love I have in my life. I have a wonderful husband and kids who love me so much in spite of my imperfections. I have great parents who are the most unselfish people I know. I am so grateful that they raised me to love the Savior and to try to follow His example. I am grateful for the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which enriches my life even more than I probably know. I am grateful that our family will grow soon and that we have all been relatively healthy. I am grateful for Paul's job during these difficult economic times. And I am grateful for many, many, many other things that bless and enrich my life, no matter how big or small (a pillow is small, but I sure love having one!). I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Leslie said...

I frink this was a great post. And Id like you to know that Chase talks the fame way. He always tells me he wants a frink and he cant find his fruck. Yeah it gets fun!!

Bruce & Sylvia said...

I love Leslies post. I want you to know I love all of you too. I will miss you this Thanksgiving. Have a great day and take it off of your diet. You will be fine. ( hope)
Love Mom

Lizzylou said...

Great post. Super job on your weight loss. I had already gained 15 lbs by 22 wks, so you can figure that you lost like 27 lbs total. I'm sure your thrilled about Shayla being potty trained. I need to get busy with that so that I only have one in diapers. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Brown Family said...

Ha! What Liz doesn't tell you is that she's normally totally fit and thin. I "look so good" 22 weeks pregnant because I NORMALLY look 22 weeks pregnant. :)