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Monday, November 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

So, we have some exciting news here! Paul and I are going to be doing scouts together! He has been in primary basically since we moved here, and I have been a Webelos leader just as long. However, I got moved to Bears and Paul got moved from teaching primary to doing Bears with me. We are both very excited about the change and about doing a calling together -- we've never done that.

Mind you, he's enjoyed Primary -- he just doesn't know anyone in the ward still. :) He's switched around every year to new classes, which keeps it new and fresh. This year he has had the 8-year-old kids. He lost his partner to the Elders' Quorum presidency several weeks ago, and in the meantime they've just had subs sitting in with him. Sunday was his last week teaching this class, and they asked me to sit in with him during this last week.

I don't know what my problem is lately, but the last couple of years I have dreaded being called into primary. I thought it was going to happen last month when I was replaced in Webelos, and I got really sad about it. Then I decided I'd buck up and do it, because someone has to! :) Fortunately, however, they came up with this new idea of us doing Bears together. So, I could easily handle one week, right?

Nope. It was torture! Before the lesson even started we had two different girls crying for two different reasons -- none of which made any sense. And Paul gave them time to tell all their Halloween stories before the lesson so they could concentrate when he was teaching. He informed them this would be his last week, and they got all emotional and irrational. That part was funny. "I'm never coming back to church!" "I'm going to a different class!" "I'm not going to talk at church anymore -- I'm just going to sit here without saying a word!" (BTW, I'm sure the new teacher only WISHED any one of them would stop talking ...)

Paul started into the lesson, and I was sure time was almost up. I figured we had probably about five minutes left, but I didn't have a watch. I asked Paul what time it was, and he said, "36 after." WHAT?!? Twenty-five more minutes? How?

Paul laughed -- he's used to the timing and the kids not listening nearly as well as they should. I would go nuts. Maybe one day when my kids are older I'll get SOME patience back? Hopefully so. In the meantime Paul gets quite a kick that I asked him -- at 36 after -- if we were almost done with the torture ... Sigh.


Lizzylou said...

You make me laugh. I'm sorry that your primary experience was traumatic:) I'm sure the girls in the class will adapt, but I'll keep an eye on them to be sure they are coping ok. I've always thought that if I had to teach scouts again, I would want to do it with my husband. I hope you guys have a great experience.

Leslie said...

Im the same way...I always ask about half way through...thinking we only have about five minutes left. Im ALWAYS wrong too!! I feel ya. Tho primary can be VERY rewarding.......I SO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! ;-)

Jennifer said...

I hope you guys enjoy your new calling together. I feel the same way as you about teaching in Primary. I was just released as the 14-15 Sunday school teacher and was called to be a visiting teaching supervisor.I guess they hope that I will start doing my visiting teaching if I am a supervisor.

Brown Family said...

I am still chuckling about her asking me what time it was when we were only half way through... I think the girls crying was just a result of too much sugar and not enough sleep from Halloween. And some how kids do get something out of the lesson even when they don't act like they are listening. Now I just have to figure out where the Elders Quorum meets.


Melissa Basua said...

Are you sure it was just the girls? That last comment sounds like something a little boy in my house would say!!
I loved doing scouts with Adam. I hope you both have lots of fun! Good luck finding Elders Quorum Paul! I hear they do just as much talking and probably less learning:)!!