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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dustin and Heidi

Well, it's official -- my baby brother is engaged! He is the last of the eight children to get married, so we are just giddy. He is pretty shy, so we wondered how this would ever happen. Facebook to the rescue! He realized a couple of months ago that he wanted more Facebook friends, so he started thinking back to people he knows. He remembered this sister from his MTC district (who went to a different mission in Venezuela), so he decided to see what she was up to. Turns out they got together -- just to relive old mission times -- and viola! Now they're engaged! :) They both wonder why they didn't get together in the 10 years since, but are sure glad they did now. :)

I took their engagement pictures Saturday morning. It was cold and bright, but I think we got some good pics. My mom and dad can't wait to meet her at Thanksgiving, and in the meantime will have to enjoy pictures instead. Don't they emanate new love and happiness?!?


Leslie said...

How cute! And great pics! Now to get my brother married off...to a girl I like...thats the hard part! Congrats Denise and brother!!!

Dashley said...

Good job on the pictures Denise! And what a very happy and good-lookin' couple!

Bruce & Sylvia said...

What great pictures.You are too hard on yourself. Thanks for sharing these. You are the best. Love Mom