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Thursday, October 29, 2009

We have a Bobcat

Last night Tyler earned his Bobcat in Cub Scouting. He has been so excited to start the program that he earned it within his first week. :)

Here he is getting his star on the forehead before receiving the award:

He was most excited about the skit his den had planned. He's the red-eyed tree frog below.

Of course, he was most excited about that because he didn't know what was coming up next: Exotic animals! We had a guy bring several different cool animals. The first was a bearded dragon:

If you saw the movies "Holes" then this will make you very nervous:

Turns out they're not poisonous at all, so no worries. That didn't appease Tyler at all, who wouldn't even touch it. I do have to learn one of these days to get my hand out of the way of the flash when I turn the camera sideways!

He also had a yellow-bellied marmoset. It's kinda like a beaver, but with a much smaller tail. At first he made it sound very dangerous, but after getting it out he didn't ever put it back in -- just let it wander around the rest of pack night with all the kids and everything:

The one I thought was the coolest was this:

Yes, that's what it looked like when he pulled it out. It's a pygmy hedgehog that also happens to be albino. In any case, once he put it on the floor it unrolled and wandered around a little:

Afterward he let everyone come up and touch the animals, and this hedgehog was JUMPY! I even jumped when I touched it and it jumped. It was hilarious to watch all the kids touch it and then be scared when the hedgehog jumped.

Lastly he pulled out the smelliest animal yet. Seriously, I could smell it as he started to pull it out and did NOT like it. It was a tortoise:

In any case, it was a really cool pack night. Unfortunately Zachary missed the whole thing because he threw up right before we left. (No, he's not sick -- but three glasses of chocolate milk before dinner is NOT a good idea. Oh, and I owe a HUGE thanks to Hilary who cleaned it up because I was gagging on the smell and couldn't. THAT is a true friend!!!)

On to the Wolf Badge ...


the Rowleys said...

I would have to say definatly only a true friend would clean up your child's vomit. And also your pack meetins are awesome! What a great idea. Are there a lot of boys in your cub scouts?

Brown Family said...

There are probably about 8 boys per den, so a total of 24. It's down from the past few years, which is a relief for us leaders. :) For a while we had between 10-14 Webelos. It was a lot to keep track of!