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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Family Pictures

I realized recently that we still hadn't gotten around to family pictures this year. I decided I didn't want to deal w/the hassle of making sure people's clothes matched or trying to get everyone to smile at once. So, I decided that we'd just take individual shots and use the best for each for Christmas cards. Then we can keep our big canvas (I won it free last year) with our BYU shirts on the wall for now ...

Here are some of my favorites. I LOVE how the fall colors turned out w/the sun behind the trees. I have always wanted pics with fall colors, and now I'm glad we went since it's SNOWING today!




Shayla (looking old!):

After too much smiling:



We decided to take a few group shots, and for the first one asked the kids if they wanted to pose themselves. Don't you love Shayla?

We had Becca take a few of us:

And then we had the tripod and timer to take a family picture. If you have to click on it to see Shayla's smile, do it! We couldn't get her to smile and look at us while we were coaxing her to take her picture alone, but when we WEREN'T even near the camera but said to look at it and smile we got the best smile from her yet:

In any case, it was so cold, and we're glad it's done. It's always a relief to be done with family pictures! :) But I'm also glad we got lots of individual shots we love.


Leslie said...

What perfect family pictures! I love them! You all look so so so great!

Lizzylou said...

Great pics.!!! They all look great.

the Rowleys said...

you are always so good a taking pictuers. I need you to come and take our family pictures for us. :) And I can't believe how much your kids are growing!

Theresa C said...

The pictures turned out great! I love the fall colors, too. I have yet to do family pictures this year, and now you have inspired me to get going on them! :)

Bruce & Sylvia said...

Why go to a professional when you get pictures that good by yourself.
I do need copies. Just send a disk and I can order some. Love you guys-Grandma

Marilee said...

I really need to come back to visit you. We had a "professional" take our kids pictures and yours look way better then ours. When we got ours back, we noticed Savannah had slobber all over her face. Something you could not see on their computer (then even admit it) and they would not let me return it and get a refund. I had to call customer service to get my money back.

christibeth said...

Oh my goodness, the background turned out perfect! What a beautiful family you guys have!

Heidi said...

darling, you did wonderful again. you should be proud

Jennifer said...

The pictures turned out great. I wish I could get my kids to cooperate for pictures like that. And what a great background, you make me so jealous. It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun lately. I wish we could have been there for the cousins makeover. London would have loved it.