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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We survived yet another conference weekend. (I think only a mom would say that. :) My kids actually did pretty well until the very last session, but 8 hours of sitting is a long time for any kid. We also had a few sickies, so that didn't add to the mix very well. But we survived and even got to listen to many of the talks.

One of my neighbors mentioned on Facebook that she followed Twitter throughout the Priesthood session and basically knew what each talk was about before her husband and son returned home from it. I told her I thought that was sad, because how much did these people miss while they were busy typing in attempt to quickly broadcast a message (that would be on the Website soon anyway!)? She said she thinks it helps you remember it more to re-tell or type it to someone else.

Really this just made me sad to think of all these priesthood holders twittering during what is supposed to be a spiritually touching and uplifting experience. Seriously? If you were in the same room as the prophet of God, would you pull out your PDA and start twittering? So really should it be any different if you are at a church watching via satellite? I think it's disrespectful and rude.

Which got me to thinking of this world and how much disrespect is shown everywhere. How do we teach our kids to respect authority, parents, the elderly and EACH OTHER when we are in such a world?!?

I had a friend who taught me early on as a mother the importance of using please and thank you with my kids instead of just requiring them to use it. I think that helps. Also, my kids are not allowed to call each other names, even sarcastically. I hope that helps. I try to show respect for authority and church leaders, as well as my parents, and I pray that my children learn to do the same.

I also limit the use of electronics -- no iPods in the car (valuable talking time), no cell phones until they're old enough to need them (Becca still doesn't need one at age 15, and I'm hoping that continues until college!), and no texting on a teen's cell phone should they get one. Not to say that electronics are responsible for disrespectful behavior, but really don't you think they contribute to it? I've seen way too many people in the middle of a face-to-face conversation stop it to respond to a text message. Or people on cell phones while they are at the pharmacy window or checking in at the dr. office. Must we be THAT attached?

Teaching respect is probably an uphill battle -- and I can't imagine it will get any easier with time -- but I'm not giving up!


Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you. It makes me so angry how lazy and disrespectful some people are. I don't think that kids need cell phones and all this other stuff either.

Rob and Reb said...

People talking on their cell phones at the pharmacy window? No way, I don't believe it!

I usually won't help a customer until they are finished with their conversation. If talking on your phone is your top priority, then I'll allow you to focus on that while I do something else. Let me know when you're ready to give me your full attention! Bleh.

Melissa Basua said...

So very true and so sad for the rising generation!! I am not even old enough to need a cell phone:)!

It blows my mind that teachers need to put on a 4th grade field trip form, "Please don't bring any electronic devices i.e. cell phones, ipods, etc"! 4th grade! Really?! Why do they need a cell phone! Awww! Thanks for letting me vent!