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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visit to St. George Palmers ...

We went down for a quick visit to see my little bro Ryan and his family. We don't get to see them nearly enough -- especially those cute girls of theirs. :) Anyway, while we were there the kids had a blast! Here are a few pics from our visit.

Paul got this cute one of Ellie:

Ellie and Shayla love this sans-snow sledding (Thanks Uncle Ryan!):

We went to a farm and the kids loved all the activities there. This one is for you, mom:

Did you see it? Redneck Trampoline. The trampoline was actually a mattress! And actually it was really bouncy. Tyler got to where he could jump from one bale of hay onto the mattress and up onto the other bale of hay without any hands. I don't think our mattress would work for that. Good thing we're not rednecks? ;)

Here's a cute one of Becca, who wasn't quite as entertained at the farm, but I think she had fun anyway:

All the kids got to ride a horse, too. Good thing this horse was a great horse, otherwise the constant flashing from my camera could have caused some really good bucking pictures.

Zachary got a little nervous since the horse kept shaking its head:

Tyler's loving it and giving a thumbs-up sign:

Shayla LOVED it, as you can tell from her smile:

Katie loved it, although when she saw I was going to take a picture she tried to look bored. Silly:

And Ellie was good with it as soon as Daddy joined her:

They also had tire horses, which the kids loved! They actually got moving really fast (four of them were going in a circle like a horse-trainer thing.) Look at this cute pic:

And then they all went on a "train" ride pulled by a four-wheeler. The guy took off so fast that it made us parents nervous -- especially considering it was already dark and we figured he wouldn't notice if he lost a kid. Fortunately they all made it back safely:

On Saturday we wanted to take our kids to the temple, so we all went together. Here is a picture of all of us:

And just the kids. (I think Katie must have been feeling a connection with the South Carolina Palmers -- isn't she making a face like they do sometimes in pics?)

And here is one I took from right outside the fence of the temple. I really think it's cool:

Thanks, St. George Palmers, for being gracious as we invaded once again. :)

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Bruce & Sylvia said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. It is so good to see my family together. I love you all and miss you. Mom