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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girl Cousins Fun

Last weekend we had a girl-cousin get-together to do face masks and fingernail polish. Not all of the girl cousins were able to make it, but we had fun with those who did. I offered two types of face masks -- a cucumber one and a cocoa one. Every one of the girls wanted the cocoa one. Little did they know they were horrible-tasting ... just meant to be good for the skin. :)

Here are a couple of pics with the masks on. Camille didn't want anyone but Grandma seeing her like this, so don't look at her if you're not Grandma. :)

After face masks we painted fingernails and toes. Kimmie did such a great job on Shayla, who loved it:

Afterwards they played a Ninja game, and my boys thought that was a lot of fun. They were really bummed about this whole "girl" thing and asked when we're doing a boy-cousins get-together. I guess I better get to planning! :)


Leslie said...

Shayla told me in nursery that Kimmy painted her nails. So cute!

Bruce & Sylvia said...

Whats with 3 new blogs. I loved them all. The girls look good enough to eat.I can look because I am Grandma.