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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Soccer is done

I can't believe soccer is already over and I haven't even posted any cool pictures of my boys playing. This was Tyler's first year in a "keep score" league, so I was nervous. That meant he only got to play goalie once, and he stopped the one ball that came to him. Figures the one time he was goalie was when his team was the dominant team.

In any case, I love how he smiles so much playing soccer. He definitely loves this game. Here he is not about to lose out on any action because he fell down:

Here is the smile I have in so many pictures -- love it!

Getting a little more in the game. It was harder to get pictures of him this year because he played on a larger field:

Zachary did really well this year and really got in there some games. Other games he took it easy. They're so funny at this age. Here he is playing goalie:

Here he is on one of his more aggressive, get-in-there games. I love his face -- so serious!

Here he is in there yet again:

I don't mind soccer itself, just how it interferes with dinner! I've still gotta figure out some good on-the-go meals since we aren't about to spend money for fast food -- expensive and not very satisfying for the adults paying. :) In any case, the season is over and they had a blast as usual!


Bruce & Sylvia said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures as usual.

Jennifer said...

The pictures look great, were you the coach again this year? I am excited for my kids to start soccer. They have a few different seasons here, so London and Jacob are going to get in one after Thanksgiving. They have a dance recital they are practicing for that is the weekend right before Thanksgiving.