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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Carnival fun

This week has been cold and rainy. I was getting worried for our Bear Cub carnival. But, thanks to a few faithful prayers by some little boys, we got a break in the rain just long enough to have our backyard carnival as planned.

I asked Tyler to decorate the welcome sign, and he did a fantastic job:

My cute Bears had each planned a game to run for their families. We had a coin toss, a tic tac toe bean bag toss, a frisbee throw (Tyler's), and a Quidditch cup. They each decorated their own posters, too:

Then once they had completed each game, they got a sticker on their wristband. When they had stickers from all of the games they got a prize (bubbles!) and popcorn:

Here is Shayla completing the obstacle course, which was required to get your wristband and entrance to the carnival:

And here's Becca manning our info center. Tyler was soooo worried when I hadn't planned to have an info center. I mean, what if someone needed info? So I made a poster and put Becca on duty. Good thing -- we didn't want anyone to get lost in our backyard! ;)

Here's Zachary with his face painted. I had asked a couple of older sisters of the Bears to paint faces for us, and they came through. I'm sure you can tell what this is:

And what did Austin think of the whole thing?

The cub scouts were soooo excited to host this special day, and I know many younger siblings were as well. I hope they weren't disappointed!


Rebecca said...

Looks like fun! Why wasn't I invited? Maybe I could have helped man the info center. :)

Lizzylou said...

Way to go! What a fun activity.

Carol said...

What fun!