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Friday, October 22, 2010


So I haven't been to a yard sale in a while. Not that I don't enjoy them, but I always find too many things I want to buy. And the kids bug me to buy stuff for them. So, I've sworn off yard sales until I have something specific I'm looking for. However, the kids got lucky! While Paul and I were on an anniversary getaway, my mom took the three middle kids to a yard sale. I keep finding new things (pumpkin cups with straws, a Star Wars dictionary, stickers, stamps, etc.) and asking where they came from, and the kids say, "Grandma got it for us at a yard sale." Tyler was so excited about buying a Lego set. My mom was afraid he was getting a little ripped off, so she paid $5 of the $10 cost. When I saw it I knew it had been a steal of a deal. I looked it up on Amazon to see what the selling price is: More than $300!!! I couldn't believe it! And it hadn't even been opened! You can see here that he's thrilled:

(It's the space shuttle discovery, and it had a Lego satellite. Boy do my boys love Legos!!!)

Another exciting thing is that Zachary lost another tooth:

The tooth fairy has decided to up her payout amount to $1 per tooth since these kiddos have waited so long to lose their teeth. She figures that since they're older they deserve more money. She's just hoping this decision doesn't break her!

Shayla had a little accident on her bike (which taught her the value of wearing a helmet since she wasn't and would have been fine if she had been!), so she had a huge goose egg on her forehead. That's a first for our family! Anyway, a couple of days later she had a very nice bruise. However, the funny thing is that it blended well with her hair:

Yesterday I went up to Woodland Hills to take pics of my sister's family. We pulled off the side of the road where we thought it looked pretty and got out to take pics. When I looked up I saw this:

Can you see 'em? There are three deer in the picture. I could have gotten closer, but I figured there was no need to scare them away when they were having a perfectly good time in someone's front yard.

And even though it's getting colder and very autumny, we still have pretty wildflowers that Becca planted for us:

I think I'll buy a box of wildflowers from the dollar store every year -- they've bloomed all summer and been beautiful! (There were also pinks, purples, etc. I love that the yellows are left last as if summer is trying to hold out just a little longer ...)

Hope you're getting into the Halloween spirit like we are:

(I guess this makes it obvious I haven't cleaned for a while ... ;)


Leslie said...

Scotts parents have huge bucks walk through their yard all the time. He just brought me pictures of one looking in the window. They arent very skiddish there.

Bruce & Sylvia said...

I wish I could find myself some of those good deals. I would resell them.