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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silly boys, cute girl, adorable baby

Lotsa pics comin' your way ...

My boys crack me up. A few years ago we bought these long butterfly nets that we've never really had use for. (Let's face it, there just aren't a lot of butterflies swooning around here.) So, they've sat mostly unused in our garage. However, my boys found a use for them. When we had the Bear Cub Scouts here getting ready for our carnival we put together a Quidditch game. They decided they needed to be "flying" around while they play -- it's only fair, I suppose -- so they pulled out our trusty butterfly nets:

My sweet Shayla saw the pretty sunflowers by Becca's school every time we went to pick up Becca or went to Grandma's house. So, one day she asked if I would go take her pictures in front of them. She got dressed in a pretty outfit she picked out and we went and got some cute pics of that cute girl:

And my sis-in-law Christina sent some leggins when Austin was born (thanks again!). He's just growing into them, so I was surprised when I pulled them out that one pair perfectly matched an outfit we were given by a neighbor. How cute!

I love pictures. How would I ever survive without a camera?!?


Rebecca said...

I can't believe those leggings and the onesie were given to you by separate people! Totally crazy that they match so well!

the Rowleys said...

glad you are able to use the leggings. :) And love the pictures of Shayla!

Carol said...

I love it when different things in "the wardrobe" fit together--Austin, as usual, looks adorable, as does Shayla.