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Friday, October 8, 2010

Six-month pics

I took Austin's six-month pics last month and have been playing around with editing the colors and lighting to make 'em look good. Not so sure I'm very good at it yet, but I thought some turned out well. :) Here they are -- he's so cute! :)

He discovered his ear the day before pics:

How can you not love these lashes?

Same hat as his baby pics:

And, of course, Austin and Austin:


Leslie said...

I swear this boy never stops smiling. How cute is he!

Rebecca said...

Love them! I love his fuzzy hair; I'm glad it filled in from the "old man hair" he had when he was born. :)

Melissa said...

Love that fuzzy hair!! He is so dang cute!!!! I love all the stories Ariana brings home from school of him, Austin did this and Austin did that! Too cute!

On the caramel apples I used the candies but later I found the balls at Walmart on the baking isle and wished I would have tried those!

the Rowleys said...

He is so cute, love the hair and big smiles. Can't believe how big he is getting!

Carol said...

Hi is sooo cut and those eyes!--look out girls!