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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do you think?

So, 99 percent of people who say something about who Austin looks like say he looks like Tyler. I've never thought so, because I know that he doesn't look like Tyler did as a baby. And Tyler and Zachary looked very different as babies (totally different head shapes), so I pulled out the pictures to see if he looks more like Zachary did. My conclusion? They all look totally different. I think Austin doesn't have the same nose ... but Paul looked at the pictures and said, "They all have the same nose." It's funny that we see it differently!

I actually find it humorous when people are surprised my kids don't look alike. Then again, I have been asked multiple times from people (when they're looking at my family pictures from growing up) which kids were adopted. None of 'em -- all eight from the same mom and dad! And Paul is TOTAL milkman's baby -- all of his siblings have dark brown hair and brown eyes. (We always joke that it'd be awesome for us to have a dark baby since it's obviously in both of our family's genes ... just not in our pale individual genes. :)

I guess we'll see if I can tell the baby pictures apart when they're grown and I look back at them. :) That'll be the real test, right? (My mom can tell us all apart just from looking since we all looked so different. Most of the time, anyway ...)

What do you think?

Tyler at 6 months:

Zachary at 6 months:

Austin at 6 months:

Shayla at 6 months:


Leslie said...

Totally looks like Shayla. But when I looked at him when he was a newborn he totally reminded me of Zachary.

Melissa said...

Okay, they all look completely different! Tyler and Zachary have different eyes, different mouths, different ears, everything! Austin has his own completely unique set of features. Handsome all three! And Shayla's adorable.

the Rowleys said...

I say they all look like themselves! Really my two babies looked the same and then grew into who they are, but your babies all just look like themselves, lose some of the babyness, but still look like them.

Bruce & Sylvia said...

Grandpa P thinks the eyes are the same. I say Austin and Tyler have the same chin.Other than that they are themselves. All Darling.

Rob and Reb said...

I think Tyler gets my vote, too; but mainly in the eyes and mouth. Other than that, all very different.