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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abstract art

I have a confession: I think abstract art is dumb. If I can't tell what the picture is, why is it art? And if the artist can't explain why they "felt" to paint something, why is it any better than my kindergartener's drawings? Mind you, I'm left-brained. So Becca has painted many, many, many paintings this year in her own abstract way that make me just shrug. I guess you can probably tell that I don't appreciate much of her art. I appreciate art that obviously shows talent. I'm not saying abstract artists aren't talented, but even I could create abstract art with my left-brained lack of art ... and nobody could tell me it was bad because it's abstract. See my point?

But at least someone appreciates Becca's abstract art. She was selected as a finalist in the Dr. Seuss art scholarship competition. In fact, her artwork is going to hang in a Dr. Seuss show in a Denver museum. Here is the artwork she submitted:

This is how she describes it:
"Going out into the world, not one person has all the ideas and all the answers, but one person may contribute to those ideas and may create answers. This painting is a portrait of me and my reflections on this idea. I'm going to go places but there is a fence or a barrier that keeps me from never knowing everything, but like the arrows express, I can always contribute my little pieces of mind."

Now we've got to decide on whether or not to hop in the car and drive to Denver. It's a very long drive, especially for a left-brained person to go to see previously seen art in a new venue ... :)

Other pieces of her art, for your viewing pleasure:

I had to throw in the last two just to show that she DOES have talent. :)


Jessica Brown said...

Amazing talent!

the Rowleys said...

She has talent. Way to go Becca!

Lean Bean said...

I love her description of the one that is for that museum thing! I totally get that when I look @ it! I have to say too that the 2 @ the end are my least favorite ones here! I just love abstract art! These pieces are so beautiful to me!