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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Water boy

Austin has decided that running water is the coolest thing ever. When he takes a bath, he wants the water running the entire bath long (we usually get him out when all the warm water is gone). He'll stand on a stool at the kitchen sink for half an hour easily just playing in the running water. (Of course, he always ends up completely wet and has to be changed ... but sometimes those 30 minutes are worth it. :)

Anyway, I took pictures of him hanging out and playing in the bathroom. This time I was smart and unclothed him before he played. Yes, I can learn new tricks. Anyway, he has a blast playing and loves any time I turn it on for him. (Fortunately he can't reach it to turn it on himself yet.) What a cute boy!

I just love, love, love baby hands and feet. Especially hands. How can you not find them just adorable?

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Carol said...

Adorable!--Just wish I could be there to hug that baby--growing up so fast into a little boy!