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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hockey pucks

So I'm trying to get back into blogging, and I hope that it will help me capture little tidbits of my kids and their personalities. I wouldn't have though to take a picture of this except that I found it so gross (and funny).

Becca tends to like her cookies overdone. In fact, she had to learn when making cookies that if she cooks them as dark/hard as SHE likes, then she's got to eat them alone. I think her preference is as much nostalgia as taste -- this is how she had them at Grandma Brown's growing up, which is the only place she got homemade cookies.

Anyway, last time I made cookies I put in the last batch and totally forgot to set the timer. I didn't remember for a while. I pulled out the cookies and just laughed -- they were definitely not edible. Here's how they looked, next to a perfectly baked cookie:

Could you tell which was which? ;) As a joke, I offered them to Becca and said they were all hers. Of course, I knew she would tell me she didn't like them that dark. However, I was shocked when she picked one up and actually started to eat it! I had to document:

Ew!!! I guess I should just be happy to have someone to eat my "oops" cookies. :)

Other interesting eating habits (aka, they drive me crazy!):
- Eating pizza with both hands (three to four fingers on top, thumbs on bottom) at ALL times (even with only two bites left) so no toppings fall off
- Pushing all the cereal under the milk 10 times before taking the first bite
- Using Italian dressing on taco salad (what????)

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