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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A is for Austin!

They say you take fewer pictures as you go down in kids. I think we're the opposite -- we take more each child! Of course, we didn't have Becca during her first 10 years, so we have very few pictures. We thought we took a lot with Tyler and Zachary, but we were limited by the costs of film and developing. However, enter digital and we can snap to our heart's content ... and our heart isn't content easily! :)

Anyway, my little Austin is adorable. Some of his latest busy-ness:

He has found a little sun hat I sewed at a Relief Society activity. It's getting a little small for him, and he can't always put it on just right, but he's adorable when he puts it on:
Baby School with Shayla (teacher) and Austin (student)
Dude. I'm adorable. :)

I think I've mentioned that one of his favorite things is being able to get into the pantry by himself. No wonder when we have "treats" we don't normally have:
Froot Loops anyone?
And he always loves stories. Poor kid doesn't get read to as much as he'd like, but he also enjoys taking picture walks on his own:
Hey! You caught me reading!

 This little guy is so extremely loved!


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Carol said...

The love of reading--I think it's a genetic thing. He can't help but love it with both parents, and grandparents etc. having loved it as well.