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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Day

I can't believe I was going to forget to post Shayla's cute hairdo for Valentine's Day! Not only is this a cute style, but with red hair it's PERFECT on her! (Thanks, Melissa, for all of your hair ideas. :)

Isn't this adorable?

The other cute thing that happened was that Becca came home with a pillow pet from her boyfriend. She walked in with it, Austin reached out his hands and wouldn't give it back for a VERY long time, much to Becca's dismay:

Yup, my 17-year-old and baby were fighting over a pillow pet. It has now disappeared into Becca's room never to see the light of day again ... but once it does, I think Austin will take another turn. :)


the Rowleys said...

I guess you know what Austin wants for his birthday. :)

Carol said...

What adorable hair--however did Melissa do that?

Rebecca said...

Super cute hair! I bet the other kids in her class loved it.

Have you seen the pillow pets display at Macey's? We have to stop and pet the puppies there every time we go. So cute to see baby boys loving on pillow pets!

Melissa said...

You know I love Shayla's hair! You did a great job!!! Oh the fights that go on with a teenager and toddler in the house!! Hahaha!!