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Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny Raymond and MILs

The other night my favorite episode of Everybody Loves Raymond came on. It's one that just cracks me up. In fact, when I saw the preview that it was going to be on, I thought to myself, "Yes, that's funny, but I won't laugh nearly as hard this time as I did last time." And then I did. Well, almost.

It's the episode where Raymond's parents tell the kids that they're going to move into a senior community. Debra and Raymond go into the kitchen and have a little mini celebration as quietly as possible. Robert and Amy decide to join them and the four of them all start hugging and dancing around in excitement. Rob gets so excited that he picks up Amy and sits her on top of the fridge. They do some more dancing around and then Raymond tries to pick up Deb and put her on top of the fridge. He can't quite pick her up that far and basically throws her into the fridge.

It's hilarious. If you've seen it, you're probably laughing about it now, too. If you haven't seen it, you definitely need to watch it. (Episode 194, "The Home") I definitely thought I wouldn't laugh out loud this time, and I still did.

I think I relate a little too much to Deb and her relationship with her MIL. The last talk they have before Marie moves fits my relationship to a T. Deb stops her and says that she is sorry that they haven't been better friends and that she wants to resolve their differences, because she knows their relationship is not how it should be. Marie smiles and says, "Do you know what your problem is?" She then goes on to tell Deb she's such a drama queen and that she (Marie) is just fine with their relationship. Of course, this reminds Deb why the relationship is how it is and that she really should be okay with them moving away. That conversation alone would explain my relationship with my MIL. I would like a real relationship; she wants the appearance of a good relationship.

How is it possible that we (I say we because I know I'm not alone in this!) fall in love with and marry men who have mothers who are so DIFFERENT than us? I mean, has anyone out there gotten the MIL you imagined? Maybe I'm just selfish -- I just wanted someone to be totally into me and my kids. I think I'm a little biased, though, because my mom is probably the perfect MIL, and I've seen her be that for more than 20 years now. Of course, she's not my MIL. :) However, I believe my husband and in-laws would all agree with my opinion. In any case, I'm hoping you all have figured out your MIL relationships better than Deb or I. Let's just say that 7 1/2 years hasn't been long enough for me to figure this out ...


Stacey said...

Oh I so relate to this conversation. After 11 years my MIL won't even talk on the phone to me let alone call our house. The last time we did try and talk was 2 years ago and she hung up on me. This was all because she wanted me to uninvite my FIL and SIL to our house for our oldest childs baptisim. She wasn't coming and had choosen other family to be with and she wasn't happy that they choose us to be with. I called her back and asked Why she would hang up on me and asked just what I had done to deserve that. She hung up again. Yeah, I was ticked and frankly that was the moment I just decided when she was ready to have a realtionship the ball was in her court. I've knew her before we got an engaged and she didn't seem to have a problem with me...then we got engaged and made our wedding planning miserable. Not sure how she sees this whole Eternal Family thing working out. She defiantely has favorites and admitted that to me along time ago and I'm not one of them! Yet my Mom can be a little crazy but, she treats my husband better than she treats me! He just got a new mower from her for being such a great Dad to her Grandkids! My Mom isn't rich by no means and is struggling right now on her own, she values things in a different light though and insisted on this new mower for all the work we have also done to help her. It would be nice to be appreciated in the same light by the other MIL! We love everyone loves Raymond too!

Anonymous said...

you are too sweet. I think I have a few who might disagree about the mil factor. But you are a perfect daughter. love you