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Thursday, June 19, 2008

United, although different, States of America

So, Paul finishes his training for his new job tomorrow and gets to fly back to good ol' Utah. He's enjoyed his time at company HQ and getting to know his new team. They have been great to work with thus far, and Paul is enjoying the work.

Anyway, his new team has taken Paul out to dinner every night to make sure he gets to know everyone. What's crazy is how small Delaware is. It doesn't have a major airport in the whole state. Isn't that crazy? Paul had to fly into Philadelphia and drive to New Castle. So Paul's gone out to eat in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. That's just crazy! Getting to another state for dinner would be a major ordeal for me here in central Utah.

He said one of his co-workers from back East came to the Utah office once and decided he'd take a jaunt down to Vegas since he hasn't been there. He had no idea how long it would take to get there and back, because "it's just in the next state." How funny is that?

I think the Eastern states are much like the European countries that are so small. It's much harder for them to comprehend the size and distance in these western states. In any case, I'm looking forward to Paul coming back to laid-back, slower-talking, very-long-desert-stretched Utah.


MIMOM2 said...

I completely agree - hailing from New England. I could leave my house and 5 hours later have traveled through 5 states. It blew me away my first road trip from Provo.

Dashley said...

I'm glad Paul is coming home! That will be nice for you. I have to tell you that your kids are too cute! I love the pictures at the zoo. Gave me a big smile. :)