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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swim fun ... or not

My kids are aquaphobic. My boys get any water on their head, and they freak out. Swimming lessons ought to go well this summer. I thought I was set when I realized that Shayla LOVES the bathtub. However, she proved me wrong this afternoon. This is how she looked when my sister Rachel had her walk into that "deep" water:

I get her bath water deeper than that and she loves it. The only thing I can figure is that at least in the tub she's contained and she's the only one in the tub, so she determines when to splash and when not to splash. It was funny to watch her get so upset when the water wasn't even close to deep. She actually ran away from the water when we tried to get her to go back into it. Eventually she warmed up and came and sat on my lap as I sat in the water. Toward the end of our being there she actually tried splashing the other kids, which was hilarious to watch. She'd try to grab the water by clenching her hands and then lift up the two separate fists and throw the water (by this point just drops) on the other kids. They were great about playing with her. You can see she eventually did have some fun:

And I was great about remembering sunscreen on everyone, including me. As we left I realized my sister's back was red and that she hadn't put any sunscreen on. Fortunately she said she isn't burned. However, tonight as I sat on the couch I felt my back hurting and realized I forgot to have anyone put sunscreen on my back. I had Becca check it, and she said, "Whoa! That's so red!" So, my advice to you all for this summer is this: Don't forget the sunscreen -- even on your backs!!! Aloe vera, anyone?

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Family of 7 said...

My kids obviously love the pool and I have forgotten sunscreen on myself before. Thankfully they came out with that spray sunscreen and it is great when you have no one to rub sunscreen on your back. It is a little pricey but, I love that stuff. It takes forever to put sunscreen on everyone but, not now! They all line up and I spray them down! Though we go through almost a bottle everytime I do that which gets expensive when you go to the pool everyday! However, I find the sport one works really well and no one ever gets burned when I use it.