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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Fun

We are SO excited about our recent family purchase. We have been thinking about buying a bike trailer for years, but we've never had the budget to do so. (At least, not after buying the other things that were higher on the list from our tax returns. :) I determined that this year we needed to do it so we could get out and enjoy family bike rides, but we've been a bit tight on money. (What's new?!?)

Then we came into some unexpected "fun" money when a friend decided to pay me for my "resume enhancing" services. (By the way, this service really is free if anyone needs it! This friend and his family just are over-the-top generous like I hope to be one day!) So, we went shopping.

We found a bike trailer we liked, and we figured it would also be good to get a hitchhiker for Zachary to ride so the trailer wasn't so heavy. He barely fits into the trailer anyway, so I'm glad we got the hitchhiker, too. (The hitchhiker weighs more than Paul's bike does, so he gets to do a fun balancing act while we're out riding.)

The first time we went out Zachary was scared to be on the hitchhiker. However, we made him do it, and he thought it was a blast when they raced past me with Shayla and Tyler on his two-wheeler. After that there was no complaining.

Shayla loves riding in the trailer as well, and she doesn't weigh too much for me to pull:

We got her a helmet to wear for safety in the bike trailer, and I think it's adorable:

In any case, we're now able to go on family bike rides for the first time EVER!!! It is awesome and we're very excited to get out and get some exercise and fun family time. Thanks Amp!

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Josh G said...

Those look like lots of fun! You must have gotten a decent amount of money for your services, I've looked at the price on those ;)