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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer "break"

So, today is the last full day of school for my kids. Tomorrow they have a half day and then they're out for the summer. Am I ready for this?

What is it about summer break -- as kids we look forward to being done with school, but by the end of school we look forward to going back. As parents we look forward to being done with the hustle and bustle of getting homework done, getting breakfast in time to get out the door and various projects and activities. However, we don't necessarily look forward to spending all day everyday with our kids ...

Last summer the kids weren't too bad. However, I've already noticed a change in Tyler -- first grade has taken away his ability to think about what to do next. He'll say to me, "Mom, I don't know what to do now." He used to play for hours without being told what to play. Now when I give suggestions he doesn't like most of them and gets, well, a little cranky.

I plan on keeping my kids VERY busy this summer so they have little time to complain or get bored (a word that is not allowed in our house). They're going to have typing practice, piano practice, chores, and math and reading review ALL summer. I plan it every year and am not good about doing it, but this year I think I have to for my sanity ... or at least what little is left.

If you have any great summer ideas, send them my way since we start our break sooner than I feel ready!

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Ann Marie said...

If anyone said the word "bored" in my home when I was growing up my mother thought of lots of things for us to do and they were not things we wanted to do. Good luck with your summer stuff. I tried a schedule like you described with my children and it worked pretty well. You can check with Hilary to see what she remembers.